About Us

Confetti Occasions is a family owned business with a passion for planning and executing special occasions. Confetti Occasions comprises of Nicki and her four daughters Tracey, Belinda, Jennifer and Alison each bringing many and varied creative talents to the business.

Confetti Occasions was founded in 2011 by Nicki after years of organising family events and having a real passion for weddings. What started off as an idea to buy an existing bridal boutique fast progressed into starting our own. The decision was made to launch Confetti Occasions as a bridal boutique with the ability to add as the business grew.

A few years later after completing a Diploma of Wedding Planning, Styling and Design, sisters Tracey, Belinda and Jennifer launched both True Elegance and Inspired Designs At Confetti Occasions. One a planning, styling and décor service and the other offering those much-needed finishing touches for your wedding day.

The story continued

As both a family and a business we are gifted with a creative flair for colours and styling and an eye for the finer details. Do you know it costs no more to be colour coordinated than not? We have the ability to be able to coordinate everything ensuring the wow factor at an event.

There have been countless times where we have seen people just wishing they had that extra help or piece of advice when they have been planning their event. Giving them the added confidence that everything will tie together.

At Confetti Occasion’s, we provide you with a personalised service to make you feel at home and relieve the stress of planning your event. We can be there with you, from helping you find your dream dress, styling your bridesmaids and planning all the details. We can add the perfect decorations and the perfect finishing touches making sure everything coordinates so your dream vision comes true.


Who we are


Confetti Occasions was inspired by Nicki after reading a collection of bridal books by Nora Roberts. Having four daughters of her own and a love for weddings she found she could relate to them and the idea for Confetti was born. Nicki has an eye for detail and style and can more often, than not match the dress to the bride.

True ElegancE

Tracey and Belinda have grown up with family events always being styled and colour coordinated. When the opportunity arose to expand Confetti they jumped at the chance and True Elegance was born. With both business and event planning and styling qualifications behind them they make a great team.

Inspired Designs

Jennifer has an amazing knack for art and design and all things creative. Growing up she was forever producing hand-made gifts. Jen was excited to bring Inspired Designs to life, with what started as collection of hand-made boxes to add the finishing touches to your day.